Garmin VivoActive Smartwatch with GPS Review

Fenix ​​3 Epix and VivoActive, three new smartwatch for three different user profiles

Smart watches are having a special presence in this CES 2015, surely unmistakable sign of what many predicted for some months: 2015 will be the year of the smartwatch. A company that could not miss this appointment was Garmin, a veteran already in the advanced clocks this and now presents his last 3 models: the Fenix 3, the Epix and Vivoactivate. Consider what is special about each of them.

We started by Fenix 3 star surely the 3 new devices made by Garmin. The company has referred to him as “multi-sport GPS smart watch” a complicated concept but suggests that not just falls short functions. As the core product of the company’s GPS, its new smartwatch could not be lacking in him, so incorporates a GPS GLONASS type.

On the other hand, we also find different sensors, though curiously the heart rate sensor is located on the same belt smartwatch. He also quantify our steps and you can activate a mode for the device to vibrate every hour to remind us move and exercise. Professional athletes find essential functions such as calculation of recovery time, VO2 max, count pulses (for swimmers), among others. To finish counting its sensors, we also found a compass, barometer and altimeter.

The main difference introduced regarding the Fenix 2 is its screen, as we move from a completely monochrome color to another screen. Thanks to this it has been smart watch enhance the figure, so the Fenix 3 comes with different applications designed by Garmin as to check the weather, calendar and more.

As usual in signature products, the price of this Fenix 3 is not suitable for all budgets.Depending on the configuration you choose, the model silver or black with red or black belt cost us $ 499 or $ 549 (if we choose a belt with heart rate sensor). Finally, if we want the model with sapphire screen and stainless steel strap we go up to $ 599.

Epix gets a complete GPS on our wrist, who is afraid of getting lost?

The next stop is the Epix a smartwatch that basically puts a GPS on our wrist through a screen that will show us our position on a satellite map. 1.4-inch screen allows us to see at all times where we are, it includes a world map with a free one-year subscription to keep updated map.

Of course, not all that we are, also features a digital compass, an altimeter, barometer, type compatibility with ANT + and resistant to 50 meters deep devices.In addition, like the Fenix 3 it is also compatible with different applications Garmin launched shortly. Its features and price make, again, is aimed at a very specific audience. Available from $ 549 or $ 599 with a detailed topographic map pre-installed. Also, the WHOLESALEABLY offers affordable cheap smart watches starting from $60.

Finally, we have the VivoActive, probably the smartwatch “more normal” of the three. It has with a square screen in the style LG G Watch, compatible with wireless sensors as the straps to monitor heart rhythm and compatible with my new company. Available from $ 249 or 299 with heart rate monitor.