Games of Payment That Require Connection to Internet, Imposed or a Necessary Evil?

The thread of a conversation in The Escapists, a great game that takes you to immerse yourself in the life of a prison and has some reminiscences of the great Abbey of crime, given the subject of the games of payment associated with connection permanent internet came to the fore.

It is a closely related to all the criticism issue that was Nintendo by force to have an active connection to play Super Mario Run, that title that we are still waiting to reach Android. Perhaps, looking at it from another point of view, and to be more understandable, you can understand the model of payment together with a connection Internet to play.

The fish biting the tail

Currently, we have the freemium games, which are most than they have in the Store Play Google, and one fraction of payment games they see and want to continue doing what you both like their creators, design games.

The reality is that we have a problem that only a solution can be found and it comes on the part of the public which is to buy those games. Those who want video games that have all of its contents from a payment meets the position that many, as it is the case with Super Mario Run, require a permanent Internet connection.

This condition gets there is one of the players who is angry or criticize the study to launch this game, which even to pass their purchase, Although we are facing of recognized quality titles as it is The Escapists.

The reason given is very understandable: I pay for a game and want to play beyond where I please. If it pays for that game and you can not enjoy in a space where there is no connection as it can be in the subway, we are faced with the refusal of the user and the bad publicity that will be on the title in question.

The ‘Punch Club’ case

Is also understandable to look at it from the side of the Studio, who wants to check that you have purchased license whenever you cast your video game, as it is the case with the title of Team17, and that it does not want that to become the ‘Punch Club’ case, that he came to be hacked 1.6 million times.

So finally We are facing a dead end of output or the fish biting the tail. We want a single payment games that have great content, but we also want to be sure that content is always available even if you are not connected.

In these cases, the only feasible way is to try to faced with this problem from a different perspective. And this is to understand that we can not have everything as we’d like it to be, at least with those games that come from indie studios that do not have the economic capacity of large companies.

This perspective can be assumed in best way if we want to take the brake to that increasingly has more freemium games in the Google Play Store and see less games payment. Now is is encouraging that studies that designed games of payment does not think, and throw their titles to this pattern by which we have to pay almost everything or put our time as the currency as there are Day or Clash of Clans; the funny thing is that the percentage of players who pay for micro-payments is extremely low.

It is always the Bethesda model

Anyway, we can stay with the Fallout Shelter model, where the payments tend to be for aspects purely cosmetics, Although we will always have present this freemium in which encourage us to pay to be able to unlock cards and get some aspects before anyone else. Those aspects were obtained in payment thanks to our skill games with the title in question, so it’s up to us to become aware about the moment in which we live, in which some rules are changing.

Although one can understand, that there are certain types of Games in the not so easy is the incorporation of the model payment to the Fallout or Clash of Clans, so that there is another way to put hurdles to the field and forcing this connection enables permanent.

The reason for that great entity as Bethesda companies pass before this payment model not so freemium, but which has its essence, is very reasonable and we see him even in his Bethesda Pinball, in which we can play for free, but with a number of restrictions. It even allows to have every game via a payment boards to offer more variety of payments to the player.

Possible solutions

A possible solution would be to give time “offline” to the game after know that it has been initiated for a week Or more. As a kind of footprint online in which it is known that the player has been initiating the game for x days, which would allow him to play at certain times without the active connection.

The best solution is create video games of impeccable quality that is not any kind of excuse for not to pay for your purchase. Games like The Witcher 3 have sold enormous quantity of units, and are free of DRM.

But the reality is that we don’t live in a beautiful world to make dozens of studies that throw huge quality as those Half Life 2, Minecraft and more games. Surely that throw it so that it is available offline is interesting from the side of the player who wants to play it on the subway, but many will be players who will go to acquire it When they get the APK and install it.

The ideal is that the game can offer both offline, as it is the case with Minecraft survival, as the option online where you need to have connection to the Internet and is the perfect excuse to force payment or creative mode. If this Add the purchase of textures, as with the game designed by Notch, there will be that both complicate your life with the obligation of an active connection.

A peliaguado theme

We are facing a very complicated issue and I personally prefer the option to check if the player has the license to play this title purchased. On my PC I’m used to be always connected and play via, Diablo 3 but clear, is a static device.

It would be understandable suede a study the indie movement that wants to be sure to obtain a benefit economic, necessary to continue taking high quality games, but where we can doubt your reasons, is in business of the entity from Nintendo which required that their games are excellent. As I said earlier, if a game is plenty of quality, will be millions who buy it.

If we want to have more games like The Escapists, we must suppress our desires a bit and forget about playing in the metro with your smartphone. It would be better to be more “comprehensive” with some studies of video games, while with others it would have to have that look more fierce when they forced us to have a connection active to play them.