Galaxy Xatakamovil (From January 24 to February 6)

We continue to grow our bi-weekly archive of interesting links on mobile: Galaxy Xatakamovil. Keep reading for a Sunday shot of more varied.

  • Our colleagues of Engadget haven’t had to dust off the crystal ball to tell us in detail what will bring the Mobile World Congress 2011, the manufacturers themselves had given us many clues. In the first part of the story speak of RIM, Microsoft, HP Palm, HTC and Motorola (and quite a lot of tablets). In the second part discussed the question of Nokia and the powerful mobile from LG and Samsung, and remind other brands that will teach your best software or hardware & #8230;

  • Today the image of Galaxy Xatakamovil puts it Emezetablog, which is a post has currado complete envelope How to optimize Android in speed and autonomy. Must-read if you are users of the system. By the way, the first step is the most striking: not to use task-killers.
  • The WCL has explained to us in his blog the 10 things you need to know before calling by phone. A curious and necessary item that I have learned, for example, that the 800 prefix is to collect and the 803 for contacts and sex services.
  • iOS 4.2.1 already has its untethered jailbreak the hand of GreenPois0n RC5 and our neighbors GoPonyGo we explain how to apply it in the step by step iPhone and with screenshots. So it’s nice.
  • Finally, if it bites you the development on Android bug, go by because this week they have begun a series of posts to encourage and lend a hand to those who are starting. A first post explains where to start to develop applications and a second part describes the process of published in the Android Market.

We will return with more links in a fortnight. As always, you can help us discover sources sending us items that have enjoyed to our contact mail.