Froyo Arrives to Spain and Continue with The Antennagate, The Best of The Week

The week continued as he ended the previous one, with the “antennagate” phenomenon, with messages cross between Apple and the rest of the industry. Especially expected reply of Samsung, politically correct but defending its terminal of the flames.

As a result of made answers last week, Apple decided to put the controversial page to phones like the Nokia N97 mini, and a phone like the Motorola Droid X, which is a direct competitor in the market of iPhone 4.

After a few days, Samsung decided to fight back with a fun and certainly aggressive advertising. We finished with the information relating to the iPhone 4 with the news that the white model is delayed until further notice.

Froyo comes to Spain

As the tale of the Wolf, ultimately became Froyo Nexus One Vodafone operator terminals in Spain. Along with the terminal of Google we inform you that also is depleted in the online store, so the distribution in this way is finished.

Interesting news around Google’s operating system:

  • Droidbooster, the new technology that increases the power of Android almost 17 times.
  • More than half of Android phones have version 2.1.
  • HTC says that Gingerbread and Windows Phone 7 will not break Sense.
  • Install applications on Android from Dropbox, do had occurred to you before?.

Holiday operators

Or that seems as we see today, we highlight that the Red operator It will not continue with Vodafone360 shaped terminals exclusive, by what the Samsung H2 is cancelled. We also share with you the prices for the Sony Ericsson Xperia X 10 mini pro with Vodafone.

We inform you that mobile grows in Spain thanks to Smartphones and carriers low cost.

Nokia moves tab

It is enough for that Symbian ^ 4 appears on the market, but show us its last appearance. Another important news, perhaps less media, is the purchase of the Motorola Networks division by Nokia Siemens Network.

We finished the review of the relevance of the Finnish giant with its financial, more negative than positive results, and with the Nokia N8 around the corner to see if it fixes something the situation.

Microsoft is warming up

After the bad experience with Kin, which has cost the of Redmond over 240 million dollars, begin to heat the atmosphere with Windows Phone 7, We share the list of the top manufacturers and some possible phones.

The most valued by readers

  • Froyo officially comes to Nexus One in Spain
  • Samsung prepares flexible and unbreakable AMOLED displays
  • Symbian ^ 4 take ideas from iPhone and Android, new images
  • Samsung also responds: Omnia 2 has no problems with the antenna
  • Apple responds to including the Nokia N97 mini in the same SAC