Five Reasons to Choose an iPad

1. The biggest and best app deals
Apps are very important for a tablet and Apple has today a very wide range of apps, especially when it comes to tablets. With 300,000 applications specially optimized for iPad and 800,000 apps in everything, it is something for everyone.

We should also mention that the same or similar programs available on Android-platt form, but the quality of the different apps are usually much better on iOS. Apps that are optimized for the tablet format, optimized for Retina-resolution, is a big advantage in the little things Android. Another plus for Apple is that most apps are released for iOS, and only then do Android users wait long on the same apps.

2. The best combination of software/hardware
According to bridgat, one of Apple’s biggest advantages is that they have full control and responsibility for both the software and hardware they sell. It gives Apple the opportunity for optimal collaboration, which results in the best user experience.

Apple launches normally one or sometimes two new units per year. So there usually are introduced both a new iPhone and a new iPad each year and this could indicate that Apple spends more time developing a product than other manufacturers. This is particularly evident in the quality of production. An iOS device is always guaranteed at least two software updates that are available on the day that Apple Announces these new devices.
A combination of the above is also the reason that Apple’s products have a very high value.

3. Continuity and compatibility
IOS can also be described as dull, because it is extremely consistent system the last few years. It is not necessary to get used to a new layout or to get used to a customized change from produsenten with each new device.

Because Apple makes its own software and hardware, there is also an optimal integration between products. Not only can the apps you’ve purchased an iPhone to be used on an iPad (often even in optimal resolution), but you are also confident about the connection with other devices (like your Mac or Apple TV) is infallible.

4. A wide range of accessories
IOS devices are very popular and every iPad and iPhone are therefore sold in millions of copies. This results in a large selection of accessories for Apple devices. Would you like an aluminum cover for your iPad, it’s no problem! Would you like a cover of wood or perhaps a cover with built-in keyboard – then you know where you can find all this accessory! MyTrendyPhone offers the largest selection of accessories for iPad, iPhone and iPod!
iPad accessories-cover with keyboard.

Car holders, external batteries, docking stations, various covers and bags – you won’t believe that there are so many manufacturers that make special accessories for iOS devices!

5. Beautiful design
If there is one thing you can count on from Apple, it is an elegant design on all units. The company is obsessed with creating devices which impresses with the appearance from the moment they are introduced. IOS user interface is recognizable on all Apple devices, as many have come to know and love.

iPad Retina display
Of course, there’s more (good) reasons to choose iOS, but it is almost impossible to name them all.