Facebook: Forgotten Password? Get Help from Your Friends

Have you forgotten your password to your Facebook account, so do new feature to your closest friends should help you regain access.

Facebook has just introduced a new feature called “Trusted contacts”, where you choose friends who can help you if, for example, forget your password or similar.

You can choose 3-5 friends who in the security settings on Facebook, that will act as your trusted contacts. Subsequently they receive as a code that you can use to “unlock your account up” with. However, you must use at least three codes that get access again – there must therefore also be designated as a minimum three persons. It writes our site.

Previously Facebook a feature called Trusted Friends, where the friends who were supposed to receive the code when “the damage had been done” – here separates the new function when you designate the trusted contacts before the accident happens.

You must select people that you rely so much on that you would also give them a key to your House – is the recommendation from Facebook.

The feature, however, is not a must, you can also continue to make do with using the usual security issues. Read more on Facebook’s own blog.