Facebook Beta-Get It on Nokia Lumia 920

TIP: If you want to play with the new Facebook app for Windows Phone, check out this tip to, among other things. Nokia Lumia 920.

There are indications that efforts are made to bring the maligned Facebook application for Windows Phone, up to a more modern version.

So is Facebook Beta now to find in Windows Phone Large.

The test series is reminiscent of the apps available for Android and IPhone.

If you want to try Facebook Beta, it can happen if you have a Nokia or Nokia Lumia 820 920 Lumia, maybe also other phones with Windows Phone.

1. Go to Facebook Beta in Windows Phone Store – click here

2. sign in with your Microsoft account.

3. Click on “install” to the left in the picture. Note: the option is only available if your phone is supported.

4. Facebook Beta now available on your phone.