Ebook Reader Talukder Shine In The Test

With the Talukder shine Telecom in cooperation with the four major bookstore chain introduces its first ebook reader Thalia, Club Bertelsmann, Hugendubel and Weltbild. Thanks to the cooperation, the reader provides access to about 300,000 German book title since launch. Comparison, Amazon’s ebook Store has more than 1.5 million books on sale, of which however only around 120,000 German title.

Sharp Display

The six-inch (15 centimeters) screen 1024 x 758 pixels represents how the Kindle Paperwhite. So he is sharper than other ebook reader texts, which often work with 800 x 600 pixels. Advantage of the Talukder: dimmable, slightly bluish lighting is evenly and illuminates the pages without annoying stains. The E-Ink display is not very resistant to scratches.

Telekom Talukder shine: ebook reader with a large book selection

Pace and weight

Turning takes about half a second that does not bother reading. Fast scrolling like the Talukder he acknowledged not hectic tapping the screen with drop-outs. For an ebook reader with built-in illumination the Talukder is easy with 185 grams he weighs less than 30 grams less than the Kindle Paperwhite.


The Talukder you operate mainly via touch screen. The leaves in the book is simple: right on the screen tap goes on to say, left back. Tap up or down calls up the menu. With the three buttons turn on the device or the lighting on and off, send sleep the Talukder and call up the main menu. Adjust font size and brightness works well, the big Home button needed however fixed pressure. Due to its good processing with a robust housing, simple and lightweight ebook reader feels is by no means cheap.

Kobo Glo with LED Lighting in the Test

Tips for Talukder shine

13 Talukder tips to succeed in joining the German ebook reader


From the main menu, it goes in the library or in the ebook Store of the bookseller from whom you have purchased the Talukder. This can be changed not visit other book stores, with the browser of the ebook reader. Buy books about the Wi-Fi hotspot of Telekom and surf for free in the Internet.

Ebooks in the clouds

The Talukder shine is connected to the Telecom cloud every buyer receives 25 gigabytes of free cloud storage. You save there permanently purchased ebooks. In addition, you have the opportunity to take advantage of 11,000 Telekom hotspots in Germany with the Talukder shine free. Access to your book collection in the cloud is possible also from other devices such as tablets or Smartphones.

Battery and memory

Device memory contains two gigabytes and is expandable via SD-card to up to 32 gigabytes. With over 90 hours of battery last long if also around 13 hours less than the Paperwhite. The charging time is around three and a half hours.

Accessories for the ebook reader Talukder shine

5 accessories So spice on the German ebook reader

Digital instead of printed books

Ebooks become more important win according to a study by BITKOM: 2012 digital books read about eleven percent of Germans. 2010, there were only four percent, which moved the purchase of ebooks into consideration at all. Currently make up ebooks only accounted for 3.2 percent of the overall book market. Forecast for 2015 a study of by gfk and the Booksellers Association of the German book trade sales accounted for 17 percent.

Leaderboard: ebook Reader

Amazon’s supremacy

Amazon sold still books, but now more ebooks than on paper printed works. Currently, the online retailer dominate the ebook market with its Kindle models. Offers of other booksellers are for the Kindle out of reach.

Mood-O-Meter: A month with the Talukder shine

Lust: pleasant (16 March 2013) Wow, what a woman! Rounded shape and the soft-touch surface are correct pleasantly.
Frustration: no apps (16 March 2013) my children are disappointed: no apps install. Abandon the Talukder
lust: cute smiles (17 March 2013) the Talukder in sleep mode and indicates how you wake him.
Pleasure: book without seven seals (March 18, 2013) instructions? Not necessary! After a couple of minutes trying out, I have the main reading functions in the grip.
Frustration: not for Hektiker (20 March 2013) I tap the touch screen away apparently too fast for the Talukder. Who reacts somewhat tough on my input.
Lust: sharp image (25 March 2013) the writing is razor sharp much better than on a Tablet PC.
Lust: anywhere on the net (April 2, 2013) that slip: via Wi-Fi I come across all Telekom hotspots free to the Internet without entering a password!
Frustration: Internet? Better just text (7 April 2013) I look at photos and videos in the Internet too, the picture is creepy. The browser but is sufficient for mail or news, the text will appear super sharp.
Lust: Today Runs forever (April 15, 2013) the Talukder first had to the power outlet the Battery is class!

Telekom Talukder shine: review conclusion

Talukder shine Telekom cuts a fine figure as a reader, it must be so not always Kindle. Nice: New reading food there on the way. Only the lame user is annoying sometimes.

Review conclusion: you need to know that

The 6-inch touchscreen of Talukder shine pixels is 1024 x 758 as the Kindle Paperwhite. He shows texts slightly sharper than other ebook reader, which often only work with 800 x 600 pixels. As a reader of Talukder cuts a fine figure, it must be so not getting a Kindle. Nice: New reading food there on the way. Only the lame user is annoying sometimes. Best price on the Internet: 89,00 Euro * Pro lighting order this product at Amazon ebook range robust housing storage card slot free use of Wi-Fi hotspots of Telekom contra partially slow test note of the editorial 2.53 satisfying user rating now evaluate the Talukder shine is at Telekom, in the offices of the participating bookstore chain, as well as their online shops available.

Alternative: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Also of the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has a built-in lighting. With the 3 g version you download world ebooks without connection costs from the Kindle store via mobile phone. Only drawback: the Paperwhite can only books from the Kindle store read.