Doorbell Ringer to the Phone

This door chime can act as both Bell and door phone. The caller even for mobile, when the doorbell rings.

If someone calls when you are not at home, does not open-logical enough. It is the entry with an important package, there is no chance to ask post man put the package at the door.

Self-employed without a reception are in the same situation, if the doorbell rings, and the company is located in an Office community with far to the front door. In other words; It’s just wildly annoyed to miss an important visit or Pack.

These situations and many other fixes Smartbel. Doorbell can call your mobile up when someone calls at the door. Following a conversation with the one who stands at the door, without having to be home.

Smartbel consists of a door chime with microphone and speaker, to place outside. Within the transmitter sets containing a SIM card so that it can contact your mobile when the doorbell rings.

This intelligent doorbell koster 1,395 dollars. Added to this must be added a subscription to the SIM card in the device.