Do You Think That The Fragmentation in Android Is Really a Problem? Engadget Android Questions

This week we saw how every month, Google updated the adoption of Android versions, and watched as Ice Cream Sandwich already reached 7.1% of devices. This figure reflects the stagnation in Gingerbread, version whose quota even increased, leads direct to the topic of fragmentation, and thus the question:

Do you think that the fragmentation in Android is really a problem?

The question of the week

Last week I wondered which was the first application for Android that you paid, and most voted by our readers response has been made by the reader and34.

PowerAMP! the best music player.
And since then I have not stopped: SwiftKey X Beautiful Widgets, Nova Prime Launcher, Where is my water?, EDGE…
It is important to move from piracy in the AppStore because thus remains a business model that benefits us all: both small and large developers can put at our disposal many applications at low prices.

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