Definitions of CPU

CPU stands for Central Processing Unit, which in Spanish means Central processing unit, but we can call which also simply “processor”. What is CPU? It is precisely the central of our computer, in short, is the “soul” of your computer.

Definitions of CPU

Usually, in everyday life, we tend to call CPU box or “bus” that accommodates micro-processors, hard drives, internal memory, and allows us to connect devices such as keyboards, monitors, pen drives, external hard drives, external memories, mouse, printers, graphics tablets, headphones, microphones, webcams. But this is a generalization perhaps wrong.

CPUS are today almost completely replaced by what we know as micro processors. The CPU of a few decades ago were huge boxes that take up much space and were expensive to produce. The promotion and advancement of nano technology (technology format micro or small) allowed the CPU or (now) micro processors, were precisely the right size: micro.

The micro-processor has two main functions: a, is the processing data; the other is the interpret instructions from our computer we give you, when we use any program or software in our operating system. This has always been so, in contrast to the infrastructure or structural design of the CPU, which as we have said, were immense and now are micro bodies. On the other hand, functions, both current tiny and powerful processors, large and old CPUS are the same.

CPUS are designed and developed by micro architecture that is often abbreviated with the term uarch in computer engineering. Through this the CPU architecture develop the set of instructions that will be then implemented by processors. In summary, a micro processor works in the following way: reads a particular instruction , decode it or interpreted, search data to process the instruction given, then parses the statement, and finally returns the results. The micro processor performs this process whenever we enter an instruction in our computer, from writing words in Word to the clicks we do in Web pages.

Clear that the micro processors, by its role of processing data and obey instructions from the operation that we give you, are currently present in many other electronic devices, and not only in computers or notebooks: can find them also in electronic toys, video game consoles, in modern mobile phones (that by the way improve fast speed quality of their micro processors) cars, tablets or readers of digital books, TVs, even calculating machines.