Culinary Photography – Support

We return with our mini culinary photography classes! Bieeennn!!

Culinary Photography - Support

Last month, Elena cooking flavors in his photographic challenge, dealt with the issue of support. It did not give me time to prepare this post, but I do it now because it is very interesting and will help us a lot to improve our photographs.

When we talk about support in culinary photography, we refer to those elements that will help us our recipe or photographed element highlights and copper role.

Props can look at the same ingredients we used to make the recipe: aromatic herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables,… small elements that will enhance and establish a link between our recipe and photography itself.

Spinach leaves and small pieces of Chinese onion enhance the frittata

But we can also use flowers, herbs, leaves, berries… other items that are not in the recipe but I will to establish that link which we talked about earlier because they remind us of the atmosphere of the recipe. For example, if we want to make sure our recipe has a rustic-looking, because it’s a rustic recipe, we realzaremos that feature adding flowers field, Rosemary, thyme,… everything things that somehow make us remember that aspect, although the recipe does not take you.

The yellow leaves of daisies join yellow smoothie

We can also talk of support when we show the texture of what you’ve cooked, with a cut piece, or leaving some crumbs,… it depends on the recipe that is.

The texture of the bread crumb is essential as a support for the recipe in this case

With our supports a simple photography can become a great photograph. But, as I have already said, this is question of practice, see, study and guided by your instincts because photos are always very personal and each one has its style.

I hope I have helped to better understand the culinary photography, always from my point of view, nothing technical as I say in all my post photography. So, camera in hand and enjoy!