Create Your Own Delicious Pastry Cakes

Get help from an application for iPhone and iPad, to make delicious pastry cakes – among other things, for christenings and communions.

The first Danish applications, PetitFour, containing delicious cake recipes and an instructional video on how to prepare the cakes – down to the smallest detail – is now ready for download.

In the application you can see how everything from wedding, baby shower, strawberry cakes and much more is made. So now it is possible for anyone to see pastry craft be carried out and subsequently make the cakes myself afterwards.

All the cakes can be made without special pastry kitchen utensils, as well as by using ordinary ingredients that can be purchased at local grocery stores.

Behind the application is, Susanne G, who is trained as a Baker and has had his own patisserie in 14 years. She will now attempt to publicise her subjects and craft via content in applications.

There is a free version for the iPhone and iPad, which have fewer recipes and videos than paying versions.

You can download free versions of iPhone here, as well as to the iPad here.

Payment versions called Petitfour respectively 1 and 2, and there are several tips and videos — for example, several different wedding cakes, cornucopia and more.

Download Petitfour 1 for iPhone and iPad to 45 dollars in Apple’s App Store.

Download Petitfour 2 for iPhone and iPad to 45 dollars in Apple’s App Store.