Connect with Your Facebook Account Xatakamovil

Our technical team has been working hard these last few weeks in many new features to improve the functionality of our blog, and the latter have the opportunity to present it today: we are going to give the option of indentificaros in Xatakamovil with your Facebook account.

The initial possibilities of sign in with Facebook are the same, you can vote, comment, or rating and add products. But when the system is fully implemented it will be possible to publish Xatakamovil events in your Facebook profiles or check our contacts are users of our site.

This new functionality represents a great way to be part of our community, since if you were not registered you don’t need to create an account new, this is possible thanks to the Facebook Connect.

To sign in with your account from Facebook, take a look at the icon that is characteristic of the social network that is present in the header, when you click on it you will leave a window in which to enter your data from Facebook (cover image).

If you already have account in Xatakamovil (OpenID or email), you want to use your Facebook profile, you can enter it and it will create an alternate profile. From it you can access the page of user and associate it with your original account.

Other ways to sign in with your Facebook account are directly from the usual option “Enter” in the header, we will see how the last option link to Facebook Connect:

Also you will find this button when making a comment if you have not identified before:

Any questions or problems in the use, you only have to leave a comment. I hope you enjoy the new possibility.