Comparison Test: Ios Against Android 5.0 8 Lollipop

Mid September 2014 Apple released IOS 8, the current version of the operating system for ipad, ipod and iphone. A few weeks later Google with the long-awaited Android 5.0 followed lollipop. What is more logical than a comparison test of both systems? In the ring facing according to own statements the greatest ios release of all time and the most popular operating system in the world. With the new version of Android has its software not only visually strongly drilled on Google, but retrofitted some functions. Was the battle between ios 8 and Android 4.4 kitkat last still draw from it could be Apple’s software this time closely are.


Ios 8 against Android 5.0 Lollipop: this is going

Both systems offer by default a browser, an E-mail program, access to a wide range of apps, movies, books and music. Compared to its predecessor, kitkat, Google Android lollipop with Google bought fit well a fitness service that records steps and distance walked across Smartphone sensors. Also, the system still has the pre-installed cloud Office Google drive. Although Apple offers its iwork software (pages, numbers & co.) For new customers now also free to, however you must first download the apps from the app store. Google outsources the functions of passbook to the personal assistant of Google now. The user in kitkat had to set up these yet separately. Now Google has the task in the process of setting up integrated.

Score: ios 8 0:1 Android 5.0

Apple ios 8 in the test: the basic innovations

Who has the nicer look?

2013, Apple has radically changed the appearance of its operating system with the update to ios 7. Instead of the old-fashioned view, flat, colorful icons rule. 2014, the design remained largely unchanged. However, Google bought Android 5.0 lollipop thanks to material design a new look that also relies on flat design. In the new system, almost any user interaction is animated. In addition: the default look of Android users don’t like they have far more opportunities to change that. Per Widget, the sytem shows about the email inbox on the homescreen. Also ios 8 sets immediately on widgets. These take place only in the message center. It remains the case: except for the change of the background image, iphone users have little capacity to personalize their device.

Score: ios 8 0:2 Android 5.0

Who offers the better cloud features?

Icloud drive is new in ios 8. Through the cloud service, synchronize as pages documents across multiple devices or release them for processing to other users. Both are features that have long dominated Google drive. Similarly with the automatic uploading. IOS users have the advantage that the pictures clearly end up in a central location. Who activated the automatic photo backup in the cloud at Google, finds his snapshots, however, not in the Google drive, but in the separate social network Google + Google photos folder. Who wants to have all the data in the cloud, must solve manually via the Google drive app. There is a big plus but Android users: Google drive offers a whopping 15 gigabytes of memory free. Apple is for iphone users only 5 gigabytes free to the available.

Score: ios 8 0:3 Android 5.0

Android 5.0 Lollipop: features, tips, and tricks

32 tips messages, settings, design

Which system is more secure?

Apple has since ios 7 a complete encryption of data in the program. 5.0 lollipop draws now also Google with Android. For the first time, the system automatically encrypts the data memory of the Smartphone or tablet. Also, the developers built a new opportunities, to protect the device against third-party access. Should about once enter the phone out of my hand to make phone calls to a friend, you can pin just the phone app on the display. The friend does not, know the unlock code he can use only one application. Additionally, set user under the menu item smart lock so-called trusted devices a. These are connected to the Smartphone you need enter no display code to unlock. Apple scores since the iphone 5 S, however, with the touch ID sensor, which releases the display after a scan of the fingerprint and serves as authentication for the pay service Apple pay for current devices. Largest source of danger for Android is still Google play store.

Score: ios 8 1:3 Android 5.0

Who has the better app store?

While there are significantly more applications in the play store, however Google is in the examination of the program currently works as Apple. So, malicious software reached very quickly on the Smartphone. Also in the Apple universe, malware was last seen. Wirelurker said the pest, which through the Chinese third-party marketplace for Mac OS X software Maiyadi app store on computer arrived and USB infected iphones connected from there. Apple responded quickly. After 24 hours, the gap was closed. Still applies, that Apple can be a lot of time with security checks for ios apps. Developers also apparently see the app store before the play store: new applications end up usually there first. The app store for the ipad also has the advantage that there many optimized Tablet Apps found.

Score: ios 8 2:3 Android 5.0

The 100 most popular apps in the test

Which system is future-proof?

For some users, the announcement of a new system brings the certainty, that the Smartphone or tablet now belongs to the old iron. Because somewhere, draw always limits the developer and exclude devices from the update cycle. 2013 that was nexus of the case such as the Samsung Galaxy. Although Android kitkat as little power hungry was, and should work on older smartphones, just got a nexus device, that it would have benefited, the update not. 2014, then nexus-4 owners got lucky. Although on Google now the statement is true, only 18 months with fresh software to provide nexus smart phones, the 2-year-old unit got the update on lollipop. Apple sends out ios 8 even at the 3-year-old iphone 4S. Although well intentioned, however the device with the new system runs noticeably slower. Who would have the latest operating system, is still with Apple better. Sometimes after the first update of the operating system, users who have not just a nexus unit, wait in vain on the next Android.

Score: ios 8 3:3 Android 5.0

Conclusion: Google brings up

In the direct comparison of Android 5.0 lollipop and ios 8 can catch up with Google in some points, offer more safety and comfort to the user with data encryption and the smart lock feature. Android is ahead in terms of cloud integration. Apple scores with a functional system for all devices and well-stocked app store, both the iphone and the ipad. Users that already the next update will no longer land on your Smartphone, want colorful like it, need plenty of space in the cloud and risk access to Android. The advantage: The selection of smartphones is large, it must be so expensive. Who estimates a working system that is tuned to the (latest) Apple device and want to always have the latest apps, remains in ios.