Comparison Test: 12 Awesome Headphones

We have tested a dozen sharp music headsets – both with and without wires.

A few years ago, the mobile manufacturers who dominated when it comes musiklurar with art headset functionality. Now, the market has become more specialized and mobile manufacturers draw down on original accessories while Hi-Fi brands completes more and more of their products with mobile features. In the test, we find both classic audio brands like Bose and Sennheiser, Bowers & Wilkins and manufacturers that started with a focus on music in your phone. A common feature of the products in the test is that it’s about hearty lurking. They all have drivers on 40 or 50 mm.

Headphones from AKG doesn’t have as much personality as the other products in the same price range – at least, not outside. The soft parts are upholstered in synthetic material, so they feel very hot after a few moments of listening. The sound is neutral and is not significantly enhances bass when the cell phone plays with completely flat equalizer. The large speaker diaphragm allows K845 can play both high and deep, but that control is lost. It can handle without problems parties where the music has many layers. The details going back and it never sounds muddy. The straight frequency response makes, however, that sound almost sounds a bit cold unless you put in a couple of dB gain at the base and the lower dis and straps. The jumper is wide and the transition to the lurkåporna consists of hearty, almost oversized – leads in the metal gives a rugged impression. There are small buttons along the edge that makes it possible to pause the music and adjust the volume, but you cannot change the song or fast. NFC support makes it easy to connect your headphones to the Android and Windows Mobile phones. However, there is no sign telling you where the chip is inserted, so the first time you have to consult the manual or guess. Unfortunately, included no bag, but it is possible to turn the caps 90 degrees and put the headphones flat in the gasket.

Durable construction
Detailed sound

Warm against the ears
Churlish with accessories

Astro A38
Astro headset has a design reminiscent of the ‘ 70s and ‘ 80s science fiction. The primary target audience are gamers, but the headset also works for music and has a good frequency response. To keep down the delays used AptX with» low latency «extension – a plus for both calls and gambling. Music sound has a particular reinforcement in the base, but the headphones playing otherwise neutral. The detail is not really up to the same level as the best models in the test, but the microphone sound is excellent as the A38 is a good choice if you also want to be able to take phone calls. Astro A38 have active noise cancellation that snuffs out outside sounds. It generates some own noise that can be heard if one happens to turn on the feature in quiet rooms, but music playback is degraded and where it needed damping works good. To make it unique, one can replace the covers on the hood sides. There is no cable input, so you can only use the headset, along with bluetoothprylar.

Good microphone sound
Can play high

Missing cable connection

Beats Solo2
Solo2 is a good choice if you want a pair of compact lurking with powerful sound. They are easy to operate and play loud, but the bass and treble takes very much space if you don’t screw them down in the Mobile’s equalizer – a character who is usually called hammock. With default settings allows the best of Club music at high volume. Rock sounds mushy and classic are reproduced in a rather uninteresting way if one does not compensate up the midrange. It has a sturdy plastic shell on top of a metal frame construction feels durable, but the glossy surface dulled light of scratches and fingerprints. Headset delivers with two different cables – with or without microphone and mobilfjärr. The remote control provides the most features with Ios devices. In the carton, there is also a soft neoprene bag.

Collapsible and easy-run

Sharp hammock character

Bose Soundlink OE

A pair of compact and collapsible lurking. The jumper is thinner and is not as hard as, for example, Beats or SMS Audio, so it feels cool and comfortable even when you listen long. Bose has not forgotten the call functions. It has text to speech and read aloud the name of the caller-provided that the number is in the phone book. The pronunciation may be questionable, but one understands usually who referred to. The base is not as powerful as other lurk – even if you adjust it in your phone’s settings. In return, they are very detailed in the higher frequencies. The music player is controlled via a single button – two clicks for the next song, three to back. Take the batteries out, it is possible to listen on with cord. A soft cloth bag included.

Good features for calls

Article is the deepest base

Bowers & Wilkins P5
It has a retro inspired and lavish design with metal and leather. Sheepskin from New Zealand according to the manual. The upholstery on the covers improves, of course, not sound, but natural materials breathe a little better and make it feel cooler when you listen long. The slippery surface, however, they slip around a bit when it is in motion. The headphones are easy to operate and play with very straight frequency response. Neither the bass or treble sounds excessive, but if you prefer more hammock character via the Mobile’s equalizer capable headset to play with strong bass without the other parts of the music is lost. Cable and connectors are ordinary things in plastic and matches, unfortunately, not the exclusive feel of the headphones.

Good sound and shaving frequency response
Quality feel

Slippery surface towards the ears

Philips Fidelio NC1
A strong competitor to the headphones in the Bose Quietcomfort series. The active sound damping makes a faint noise when you turn on the feature, but it does a good job and do not affect the music in a negative way. Build quality is excellent and the joints of the folding construction feels trustworthy. Headset sits quite loosely so they fit better in the train or plane seat than on the walk. The sound is a little too much bass and treble with default settings, but not nearly so evident such as Beats. Sound attenuation is powered by a battery that is charged via the USB cord. Take the battery out closed operation of, but the music continues. The audio cable is textile covered and has a simple microphone with answer key. In the package there is a semi-hard tote bag and adapter for headphone plug in the airplane.

Good reselurar
Works without battery

Low midrange

Jabra Revo Wireless
Jabra headphones are made of sturdy plastic material with a matte finish. Quality feel is considerably better than in, for example, JBL Synchros although it is in the same price range. Revo Wireless cost nearly $1,000 more when it was launched and today they seem like very affordable in relation to the sound quality. A certain hammock character is to discern and there is some way to go to the precision of the best headphones in the test, but the Jabra gives great value for money. Unfortunately, breathe the material in the ear cups about as good as a pair of dishwashing gloves, so they quickly become very hot. A cable – in the lavish textiles dressed execution – is included, making it possible to listen on when the battery has run out. Pekknapparna for volume and låtbyte are hard to get along with, but the play/pause and answer button works better.

Good quality feel

Tricky buttons

JBL Synchros E50BT
The cheapest headphones come from JBL. The sound is pretty good-plenty of volume resources and smooth frequency response. JBL, however, not as good control on the big 50-millimetersmembranen as AKG with its almost twice as expensive K845BT. It is mainly through the midrange becomes less clear when there is much pressure in the base. Sometimes the sound is also a wee bit edgy — as if the headset, teetering on the brink of distortion in certain frequencies. It’s hard to find a setting on the headset, which feels really comfortable and they feel heavier than the wave shows. Headset also works with cable, but are quite heavy to operate.

Good volume resources
Even works without battery

Heavy and plastic

Plantronics Backbeat Pro
With a weight of almost 340 gram is no easy Backbeat Pro headphones, but a wide and well padded headband ensures that they are acceptable on the head. The design is completely closed and effectively closes out the surroundings – even when the active soundproofing is turned off. There is a microphone-enabled by a special button – which makes it possible to hear their surroundings without removing the headphones. BackBeat Pro has few buttons.Instead, use the rubber rings on each cover to adjust volume or control the music player. For the volume works great – it’s just turning the ring to increase or decrease. The ring on the other side is going to turn a few degrees and then springs back. Works pretty good for changing the song, but it’s hard to fast with precision. Headphones are made of plastic and synthetics and become warm after a few moments of listening. The sound quality is good, but it does not participate in the actual state of battle. Plantronics may be a plus for the broadband talk microphone-headset works fully with HD Voice.Several features and default settings can be changed by attaching it to a computer via the USB cord. A simple storage bag in fabric included.

Well in noisy environments

Heavy and warm

Sennheiser Momentum
Sennheiser Momentum feels just as lavish as Bowers & Wilkins headphones, but has a slightly more restrained design with matte metal surfaces and a muted color scheme. Quality feeling going again in all details and headset have a sturdy, rubber-coated cable with remote control and contacts the metal. Wire is connected to the headset, with a 2.5-millimeterskontakt with bayonet fixing. The sound is extremely detailed, and would measure the frequency response is likely both AKG K845 BT and Bowers & Wilkins P5 more linear, but Sennheiser character with a little extra bass you get tired not on in a hurry. Real leather on the outside padding makes the Momentum feels very cool compared to other closed headphones. In the package there is a extra cord without remote control, adapter to large headphone connector and a bag. It is not possible to fold up or flatten out, so they are quite bulky.

Great sound without equalizer
High build quality

Cannot add flat

SMS Audio Wireless Sports

A pair of wireless headphones for the training session. Sportkänslan goes again in every detail – from the bag that is somewhat reminiscent of an American football to the perforated coated on the earcups. The fit is pretty tight, but the materials breathe and it feels cool on the head. Wireless Sport also light weight compared to most Bluetooth headphones. Bose Soundlink is even easier, but they are not as steady. With the default setting delivers headset a pretty dull sound with a lot of bass at the expense of the higher frequencies. By adjusting the equalizer controls the audio picture more complete. With the cord, so it’s a good idea to use even without Bluetooth.

Breathable material

Require adjustment in order to sound good

Sony MDR-1A
Sony’s headphones are heavier to drive than the Sennheiser or Bowers & Wilkins. The large power requirements allow higher frequencies can be tempered as the base. In areas where the MIDs and highs are playing without competition delivers MDR-1A, however, all the details. Sony has bet on the inside in front of the lurarnas exterior. It is plastic and synthetic materials that apply to both the shell and the ear pads. If you look closely at the specifications have the headset, more mystical properties. The frequency range is reported to reach up to 100 kHz – five times higher tones than the ear can perceive.

Another detail with unclear value is dual silverbelagd ground cord in copper. Despite plastigheten feels design durable and headset sits comfortably. Size does, however, that they are better suited for listening armchair than on the go.

Sounds great with classical music

Feels cheap on the surface

Material and quality feel
Headphones to survive daily use. It places demands on construction materials, joints and hinges. Sony, JBL, Plantronics and Astro must settle for slightly lower score – headphones from 1 000 to 2 000 USD should not have to feel like this plastic. Bose, Jabra and Philips, by contrast, are good options if no compromise will be collapsible. The jumpers can be folded, but still feels solid on the head. Sennheiser and Bowers & Wilkins has gone all-in when it comes to materials. Tidy crafts from both brands, but the Bowers & Wilkins brings out the turns more into the design.

Winner: Bowers & Wilkins P5

Among the corded headset, Philips Fidelio NC1 the most interesting product with active sound damping and rechargeable battery. However, it is in the wireless camp that we find most functions. Bose has bet on call and have the phone book switching and speech synthesis. Astro A38 uses a special coding to reduce delays. Plantronics takes home category by unique features such as MIC for ambient sound, automatic pause when taking off the headphones volume control wheel and sturdy.

Winner: Plantronics Backbeat Pro

To decide the best sound is a bit like choosing the best looking Board – it is all about personal preference. If you prefer lurking that play completely neutral – and want to use the equaliser to get the right feeling – Bowers & Wilkins P5 be a good choice. The Jabra and Beats gives much sound for the money, although the base of the Beats Solo2 needs to be adjusted a bit. Among the headphones with active noise reduction allows the Philips Fidelio NC1 best. The fempoängare, however, goes to the Sennheiser Momentum that also brings its own character.

Winner: Sennheiser Momentum

To get the most out of headset needed wires that fit with your gear and a good case for transport. This is a bit noisy. AKG and JBL Cords are included, but no bags or adapters. Sony, Jabra, Plantronics, and Astro ships with simple cloth bags while the Beats, Bose, Bowers & Wilkins, Sennheiser and SMS Audio has invested in a little better bags. Philips takes home category thanks to a good and protective bag complete with cables and aircraft adaptor.

Winner: Philips Fidelio NC1

Winner: Sennheiser Momentum
Sennheiser Momentum costing a few hundred less than the most expensive headset in the test, but nevertheless delivers excellent sound without compromising the material or build quality. Sits firmly without it becoming too hot for the ears. Headphones are connected with cable and has a remote control that provides the most features with Ios devices. Microphone and answer button also works for Windows and Android. The sound lacks nothing in terms of details and works well for all types of music – even with the Mobile’s equalizer off. The headphones are available in three different colours – white, Brown or black – and comes with a matching bag.