Comparative First with Flash and The Arrival of Samsung Wave, Spotlight of The Week

In the weeks preceding the debate originated envelope Flash He has held a multitude of news, now comes to talk about the matter with evidence in hand, and that you are testing in a practical way in terminals with Android Froyo 2.2.

For those who are interested in this subject, we invite you to see the comparison between the main Web sites, with results difficult to Android when you are rendering Flash included, but with better conclusions when we put them on equal terms.

Presentation of terminals in Spain in a matter of terminals is the of the Samsung Wave, I have 429 euros in early June and with major operators throughout the month. Media is not making much noise not be associated with all major operating systems, but the phone is technically spectacular, and your operating system to the height and promising, at least is what I can conclude after several days of use.

iPhone 4G is coming

If we follow the information coming from AT & T, the iPhone 4 G will be in the market for June, and pass the current model becomes a child element medially and what better to pass it to the sale. The lower model, the iPhone 3G, will no longer be sold.

Days before this information already went intuiting dates, and incidentally learned us that it would have the possibility of videoconferences with your new phone.

Operators, moderate activity

Quiet week on the grounds of the operators, it Vodafone has presented us its fares “A mi aire”, and a couple of options to have mobile Internet free summer.

I talked about the quiet arrival of the mobile DTT to Spain and as operators Movistar and Vodafone are getting similar experiences thanks to the streaming broadcast through 3 G networks.

Finally, we inform you that share the connection of the iPhone and the iPad with the service will be free for a year.

Android, new terminals are appearing

We started the week counted the virtues of the Samsung Galaxy S, a phone that is located between the most powerful options Android in this half of the year, finally will have 512MB of RAM, we show you several videos of operation.

Going through the usual leaks, this week have had a fairly important, while curious, that of the Motorola Shadow, a new element in the Droid family that promises enough. We look forward to

An important presentation this week has been one of the Acer Stream, a phone at the height of a Nexus One in technical specifications, but signed by a company that opts for very competitive prices, we follow their steps.

Christian Pérez makes us a small criticism of the Android status, the question revolves around which it sure many share.

Nokia, making friends

This week has taken place in New York a very important but little dream presentation, and is that Yahoo and Nokia are partnering to share users and the best of each of their services.

Ending the week data on sales of the Nokia N900 have reached us in the world, apparently those data were estimates from Gartner that half were challenged by Nokia, whatever it is, sales have not been outstanding.

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