Compact Interception Device with Large Capacity

This interception machine is characterized by compact size, ease of use and excellent sound quality.

Compact Interception Device with Large Capacity

The built-in high-quality microphone and your Audion with compression, allows you to record and very quiet conversation.

Recorder whisper at a distance of 5 metres and a normal conversation is at a distance of up to 15 meters.

It is very suitable for unobtrusive recording in a room, a vehicle, or to carry concealed on the body.

Audio recordings can be intercepted and analyzed on a computer (Windows and Mac OS), by simply connecting via USB cable.

Definition reference:

Recording in WAV format with no destructive compression, so quality of the recording is excellent, and very usable.

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With special software for visualization of sound recordings, you are given the option to easily listen to and edit audio recordings.

Conversations and sounds were visualized as a graphical curve on screen. Simply by clicking with the mouse, you decide which part of the recording you want to listen to.

Connecting the device to a computer with the supplied USB cable, which is specifically “encoded”? IE plug in one end is of a special type, which is not available in regular shops cannot be copied. Thus you are assured that none other can extract the sound recording, if anyone finds the appliance and will investigate what it is.

Without the original, supplied cable is impossible to listen to the recordings.

In addition to the encrypted USB cable, the device without marks on the (“black box design”), so if anyone finds it, they may not know what it can.


-16 GB of storage for 300 hours of footage

-Rechargeable battery keeps power in up to 300 hours

-WAV record format (16 kHz sampling frequency)

-ALC preamp (pre-amplifier) for superior sound

-Each recording is in a separate file

-Date and time of creation in each recording

-Dimensions: 55 x 40 x 20 mm

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What distinguish this fashion better than others?

-Compact dimensions in relation to capacity

-Excellent audio sound quality

-Unique USB cable for comptuter-connection (without the original cable is impossible to eavesdrop on recordings)

-Special software for visualisation and quick to listen for long recordings

-BLACK BOX design (no tag or text on your device)

-ALC-function allows you to record both whispers and loud conversation level in good quality

-Each entry in a separate file

-Manufactured in the European Union