Coal, The Application to Make Security Copies without Root Already Available in Google Play

A week ago we told you about the application Carbon from Clock work Mod to make backup copies of your applications and data in Android without being root, as well, today is no longer Beta and the developer already has published his application on Google Play in two versions as promised, one free and one payment with more features.

The paid version of Coal – App Sync and Backup It allows us to perform backup copies of our applications, your data, save backups in the cloud, schedule automatic backups, and synchronize data from applications with all of our Android devices. Its price is of 3.71 euros. Since the free version, with advertising, it just allows us keep the backups in the phone’s memory or on your computer.

The application Carbon stands out above the rest of similar applications that allows you to make backup copies of application data from devices without root, so only have to connect the phone to the computer and run your program (available for Windows, OS X, and Linux), to temporarily enable the possibility of making copies. If we are already root it saves to connect the phone to the computer.

Coal – App Sync and Backup Version

  • Version of Android: from 4.0
  • Developer: ClockworkMod
  • Download it in: Google Play