Cloud Storage: Dropbox App Gets Sharing Feature in ios

Update: push files directly into the dropbox

Passed files on the Smartphone from one app to another works on Android phones has always been comfortably. Iphone and ipad owners didn’t have the function long: only with ios 8 equipped Apple and now allows to embed other than Apple’s own apps on the parts menu. With the released today version 3.7, the dropbox app now ranges to this sharing feature. Thus, any files as Word documents or pdfs from many apps in the cloud can be pushed. The update, which has also some bug fixes and improvements on board, is now free in Apple’s app store for download.

Download: download dropbox for ios

So fast saving works

You simply invoke the desired file, as an image in the photo app and tap the share icon or click Open in, and then save to dropbox, ready! The entry in the called parts menu is not visible, before far right tap more and attach the switch in the list save to dropbox. Practical: The memory function comes with a drop-down menu, with which the file upon request equal in the desired folder lands.

Original message: update brings iphone-6 support

In Apple’s app store is available for the dropbox an update to version 3.5. This should please especially owners of new iphone 6 or iphone 6 plus, because so far the cloud on the higher resolution displays of the new Apple Smartphone did not show up at its best. The update has among other things the appropriate graphics for a crisp sharp appearance aboard.

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Dropbox fit for touch ID

Not only owners of current iphones can benefit from the new version. Also owner of an iphone 5 S get their money. Finally, in version 3.5 of the app after, dropbox provides support for touch ID? Instead of cumbersome password a quick swipe over the home button now enough to share access to your data. Only requirement: ios, you must 8 installed have.

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Other innovations

The update does not deliver more innovations. It reveals the change log, that an error of preview of RTF documents in ios fixed 8. Furthermore, the developers promise the usual improvements to stability and performance of the app.

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