Chameleon Launcher for Android Phones Shown in Video

Teknision It has shown for the first time how will be the Mobile version of your application launcher Chameleon Launcher that such a good response and criticism has had for tablets. Has shown it together video also has a new feature that will both reach the version for the mobile and tablets.

In the video we can see the first part which Chameleon Launcher It will support the creation of folders and which will be created in the same way that is made from Android 4.0. In the second part of the video is when we are under a Samsung Galaxy Note II and a Nexus 4 operation and interface the mobile version, which is identical to the one of the tablets, so only have adapted to make it look well on smaller screens.

With Chameleon Launcher We can also customize our desktops with the widgets that come by default in the Launcher or the natives of Android applications, add shortcuts, folders, and most importantly, configure each desktop to display on screen by default depending on the time or our location (GPS or WiFi).

Chameleon Launcher for mobile It will only be available for devices with screen in high definition and last month began looking for volunteers who would like to try prerelease versions to detect failures. It is still unknown when the final version will be available in Google Play, meanwhile we can buy the version for tablets for 3.12 euros.