Casetop Converts Your Mobile Phone into a Portable Computer

Connect your phone to the built-in dock in Casetop, then you have all of a sudden a laptop with 11.1 inch screen and full-size keyboard.

Casetop is a new project on our site, they plan to make a kind of docking station that transforms your mobile phone into the processor, the graphics card and the touchpad on a laptop.

When your mobile phone is connected, you will get a screen of 11.1 inch, full-sized keyboard, stereo speakers, HDMI input, audio output and an additional USB port to charge other devices. Casetop has its own battery and charger your phone during use.

Casetop is not created for a specific unit, but supports a wide range of mobile phones as long as there is one of many different types of video outputs as well as bluetooth, they’ve made a complete list of current supported phone models.

If one believes in the project, you can support the our site project with 250 dollars (1,421.0-NOK), and then hope they reach their goals at no less than 300,000 dollars.