Carmageddon for Android-Free the First 24 Hours

The classic driving game Carmageddon (1997), released on Friday, 10. May to Android. It will be free to pick up the first 24 hours.

Friday the 10. may be released for Android, the Carmageddon developers behind has announced that it will be free to download the game the first 24 hours.

The free version will be removed after the 24 hours and then it is only possible to buy a paid version of the game.

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Violently car racing

Carmageddon debuted the first time back in 1997 and distinguished himself by being a quite violently car racing. It was released for iOS at the end of last year, and now there is also a version for Android.

The free version of Carmageddon would be removed from Play Great after 24 hours, and will be replaced by the same version, however, it will cost.

Those who already downloaded the free version, can still see it in their Play Big.

Whether both apps have the same updates subsequently is not known, but nevertheless, you get 11 surroundings, 36 levels and 30 cars-so it’s just about playing.