Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard for Android and Windows

Black Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad 82 Keys and 2.4GHz USB Dongle Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard 2.4GHz Frequency USB Cable Included for Charging

Keys-To-Go is an ultra thin and ultra portable, a separate Bluetooth keyboard for Android and Windows which can be stored and be taken anywhere.

You will out ad. Take a keypad with.

Keys-To-Go weighs almost nothing and makes it easy to write on your tablet-pc. Would you rather write on your smartphone? With smartphone-the tripod is easy to chat and write email.

Exactly what you expect from a keyboard from Logitech.

Life can be messy-but easy to clean.

Regardless of where you are going, you can talk about it with style.

With this portable keyboard and rack you can use Keys-To-Go together with your tablet-pc or smartphone – anytime and anywhere.