Best of 2010: Mobile Internet Browser of The Year

We continue with “ best of 2010 ” now entering the field of applications, and more specifically, entering the world full of mobile web browsers.

This year we experienced a revolution in terms of mobile web browsing carried out mainly by the arrival of the famous Adobe Flash plug-in to many of the new Smartphones on the market. This year that now also just witnessed the final leap to the mobile phone browsers as well known as Opera or Firefox. Then review the list of browsers that fight by your votes to be recognized as the best of 2010.

We started with Dolphin Browser, the browser ‘alternative’ par excellence of Android until last year, this year has evolved into an HD version, version supplementing properly the needs (mostly display size) “wildlife” of new and powerful Smartphones Android that fill the shelves of the shops. However, and not everyone is willing to change mobile phone every few months, appeared a version called Dolphin Browser Mini, up-to-date and compatible terminal with versions less than Android 2.0.

After the war of charges disputed between Adobe and Apple because of the appearance of the famous Adobe Flash in new versions of Android, it became Skyfire 2.0, the new version of an old acquaintance in the mobile web browsers, coming to calm the crowds, offering the full support of both iOS and Android Flash videos.

Opera It has been one of the major protagonists of this year with important milestones such as be the first company able to introduce an alternative mobile web browser the Safari of iOS Apple Store thanks to its Opera Mini. Not many months ago also launched its long-awaited version Opera 10.1 for Android phones.

And last, but not least, we have to Firefox Mobile 4 for Android, the “Android” translation of the famous desktop browser, which appeared in April in the form of “pre-alpha” with its former name Fennec version and which now gives its latest tail as fully functional Beta version in the Android Market.

The deadline for voting December 30, 2010 at 23:59. You have until that time to access each one of their product pages and perform the votes. Met this time, polls are closed, and we will proceed to calculate the average between the current note of each product, and that will be the end of voting. You get the score average highest in each category the winner will be.

  • Dolphin Browser HD: Starting Note: no note – 2 users have it and want to 4
  • Dolphin Browser Mini: Starting Note: note – you have 0 users and want to 0
  • Opera Mobile 10: Starting Note: 9.3 – 20 users have it and want to 18
  • Opera Mini: Starting Note: 9.1 – 38 users and 29 want to
  • Firefox Mobile 4 (old Fennec): Starting Note: 7.5 – 2 users have it and want to 19
  • Skyfire: Starting Note: 5 – 16 users and 24 want it