Best of 2010: Best Games for Mobiles of The Year

We are still in “Best of 2010” with some applications most popular for the users of mobile phones since they exist, we are talking about the games.

The maelstrom of signatures and games that have signed up on the bandwagon of mobile devices this 2010 has been important, driven, above all, by the graphical capacity increase in the new devices. We now give way to the list of some of the games most representative of each genus that have been released in 2010 and expect your votes.

Obviously all you favorite games list is quite extensive and discussed, but we are going to limit us in focus exclusively four representatives of the most popular genres currently.

Earlier this year, the own Capcom It was one of the contributions more expected by its enthusiastic on the iTunes Store from Apple. The Japanese company brought us the port of the next installment of the famous Street Fighter saga the mobile world, we speak of “Street Fighter IV” for iOS.

“Rage” It is the perfect realization of the vision of the future that a company so recognized in the gaming industry as id Software can bring to our pocket phones. This recent “Shooter on Rails” was scanned by our colleagues from Kotaku, and except some discrepancies in its paragraph playable, the game stands clearly as one of the new vertices of the graphic possibilities on iPhone.

Other companies guilty of the boom of new generation mobile games is without doubt Gameloft, that after bring us numerous and noteworthy titles for old mobile platforms, stressing to iOS to be the most important in this regard, it landed in Android with a range of games of many genres, which without any doubt we can highlight the impressive “5 Asphalt”, a game of urban car racing with graphics that could be at the height of some of the most famous desktop consoles.

And finally, as all were imagining, we can not forget the mobile game revelation of the year, and one of the new phenomena of the moment, talk about, of course, the successful “Angry Birds”. Simple and addictive, so we could summarize the secret of this fun creation of Rovio. In addition to its simplicity, the game also relies on factors such as the use of multi-touch possibilities of new Smartphones, your casual as well as aesthetic appearance care and its sound effects. Such is the significance of the game they are developing and publishing versions for all possible mobile platforms, as well as versions for consoles and desktops, and, if we knew a little, a television series or movies. Almost nothing.

The deadline for voting December 30, 2010 at 23:59. Met this time, polls are closed, and we will proceed to calculate the average between the current note of each product, and that will be the end of voting. You get the score average highest in each category the winner will be.

  • Angry Birds: Starting Note: 8 – 15 users and 27 want to
  • Rage: Starting Note: no note – 0 do users and 2 want to
  • Asphalt 5: Starting Note: no note – 9 users have it and want to 9
  • Street Fighter IV: Starting Note: note – you have 0 users and want to 0