Are References to Android 4.3 on The Official Website of AOSP

In three days Google will officially announce a new version of Android and practically already confirmed to be a new version of Jelly Bean. If a couple of weeks ago we saw how Google employees were testing 4.3 Android (Jelly Bean) now we find references to this new version of the Android Open Source Project official website.

Search Android 4.3 in AOSP website we see that in its results it returns to us the phrase “Security Enhancements in Android 4.3 ”, which confirms the existence of this version and that in addition Android 4.3 improves security, commonplace in every new version of Android.

Little is known about the novelties of 4.3 Android (Jelly Bean), aside from these security enhancements are known that this version will add the component in the side navigation bar that Google is already implemented in their applications and that will be part of the design of Android guide so that the rest of developers take it as reference and implanted it in their applications to run on each side navigation bar equal in the SDK improving the user experience. Wednesday, May 15 at 18:00 in Spain we will know all the news about Android 4.3.