Application for Divorce-Hit Families

Are you mother or father to one or more parts children, so can a new application to help you keep track of when you have them.

Misunderstandings, ambiguities and transparency, it is commonplace among many parents to share children.But now is a new iPhone application ready to help keep track of when the kids are where.

It is Thomas Schernings from the Danish appudvikler company Apptitude ApS, which has developed a simple application, which in short is called “Sharing children” and has the aim to help parents of children with parts that make weekly appointments more transparent.

-“‘ Parts children’ is in its simplicity, a simple and handy calendar app, in which parents of one or more parts children can easily coordinate and see which of them has the child or children and when,” says Thomas Scherning.

-“The whole idea of ‘children’ is that the Parts must be easy to share and easy to manage. There should neither be used hard user names or passwords, and it should not be integrated with Facebook, Outlook or Google. It is therefore totally separated from one’s normal calendar, there often is full of other agreements and chores. It sends just a numerical code via SMS or email, to the person or persons you want to share the app with, and so you are running. We have put much emphasis on the fact that it should be a simple, straight and easy-to-use application, “adds Thoomas Scherning.

The application can be shared by up to four people at a time. You can read more about the application on their website or Facebook page.

You can download the application for 13 dollars in Apple’s App Store.