Apple’s Fat Scam-How to Avoid Billion Bill

Apple will pay dividends to the shareholders, but instead of taking on its own cash, offered new bonds for 96 billion kroner.

Apple in the coming future will pay dividends to their shareholders, and therefore need cash.

But in order to avoid a big tax bill, the company has found an alternative solution, which must provide the necessary money for the payments.

It is not because Apple does not have the money to pay, but the money is predominantly located outside the United States, and it means a great deal of additional expense if this money were to be dragged home and used to the shareholders.

According to our site, it is assumed that Apple has placed 564 billion dollars outside the United States, while the company has 254 billion dollars in the United States.

The our site writes that it will cost Apple an extra tax bill of 50 billion dollars if the company moved the necessary 96 billion dollars home from abroad.

Therefore provider Apple bonds for 96 billion kroner, which will then be used for payout to shareholders .In this way avoids the Apple so a extra and maintaining their assets located abroad.