Apple Rumors: Get iPhone 6S a Dual-Camera?

It is only 3 months ago that Apple presented iPhone and iPhone 6 Plus 6 in Cupertino, but there have been rumors about new editions up!

Apple iPhone 6S/7

How can the next iPhone version look like (Design of Steel Drake)

According to technology blogger John Gruber, the next iPhone version will get a unique two-lens system at the back, which makes the images get DSLR quality. Apple has always had a focus on the cameras, but this may be the biggest change, as Apple has made.

What is DSLR-quality?

Apple iPhone 6S

DSLR (Digital single-lens reflex) means that two lenses provide information to each other, and it affects the video reception really positively. Thanks to this technology, it may also be possible to focus the image after it has been taken.

HTC One M8 has a dual-camera (i.e. two lenses), but the solution is only at 4 megapixels, so the quality is not so great. But it can happen to Apple jumps from 8 to 21 megapixels! It can be expected because Apple has used Sony’s billedechips, and the agreement is extended according to the wholesaleably. Sony has announced a new billedechip at 21 megapixels, so it will be a surprise if just the next iPhone version will get this billedechip. In any case, we expect that the number of megapixels is increased.

iPhone 6S or 7, as well as other Apple Rumors

– Name: iPhone vs. iPhone 6s 7

It is a question about the next iPhone model will be called for iPhone or iPhone 6S. And probably we will also Plus-versions: either iPhone or iPhone, Plus 7 Plus 6S.

– Sapphire glass?

iPhone 6S/iPhone 7 will get the sapphire glass, according to rumors. And it is no surprise, since many expected to see sapphire glass already in iPhone 6 editions.

– A new processor – produced by Samsung

Samsung will probably produce Apple’s new processor, A9. It will be faster and use less power.