Apple Dominates the Danish Mobile Market

the iPhone is on 5 out of 10 seats in the top 10 of sales in February with our site. And the Danes love 4 g phones.

Telecommunications company our site has just issued a press release, with a list of the 10 best selling phones in February in their stores and on their webshop.

Not surprisingly, it is Apple’s iPhone, which sits in first place – just as it also was the most sold by the big four telecommunications companies in the fourth quarter last year. Actually sitting on the top three places with Apple, respectively, 5 16 GB iPhone, iPhone 5 32 GB and iPhone 4S 16 GB.

Apple’s dominance is perhaps not so surprising, but it is quite surprising that Nokia has crept in to fourth place, and just as surprising is the model they’ve done it with.

There is no question of one of Lumia-models, but on the other hand, Nokia C2-01, which is a phone with physical keys. Nokia C2-01 has long been on the hit list by Telia, back in 2011 was also on a fourth place on the sales list for the whole year.

Nokia has, however, also a Lumia-model on the Top 10. The flagship Lumia 920 is for 10. square.

The Danes have taken 4 g to it

Apart from Nokia C2-01 are the other phones on the top 10 list all newer smartphones. And half of the phones on the top 10 list is even phones that support 4 g.

Thus it also looks out for the Danes (at least in Telia’s customers) have taken their 4 g LTE to themselves and enjoying being able to get on the lightning-fast data networks.

-“When you look at the development of Top 10 list, it is clear that the 4 g mobile phones quickly has been among the Danes ‘ absolute favorite. More and more cell phones, which supports 4 g is entered on the list, which underlines the Danes ‘ desire to be able to surf, play and stream with higher speeds. Overall, we see already that the sale of 4 g mobile phones significantly exceed the sales of 3 g mobile phones, “says Ronny Sauer, Purchasing Manager, Device & Subsidy in Telia.

There is therefore also a great deal of anticipation for the 4 g phones, which come on the market in the near future. Both HTC One and the most anticipated Samsung Galaxy S IV, is expected to enter the top 10 list in the spring.

-“Generally come there during the spring several 4 g cell phones and in different price ranges, which means that we can now offer our 4 g network to the various segments. Formerly 4 g reserved for high-end mobile phones, but now spread across several categories. We therefore expect the continued large increase in sales of 4 g mobile phones, “says Ronny Sauer.

During this year’s recent mobile trade show, Mobile World Congress, presented also a phone LG Optimus F5, which is a 4 g phone price is mid-range.