Apple: Countdown to Download Number 50 Billion

There are lured by great prize for the Apple user who hits the download number 50 billion in Apple’s App Store.

There is a lack of even around 800 million downloads, but the countdown to download number 50 billion in Apple’s App Store is already in progress. It writes our site.

And as with the previous major milestones, so Apple has now offered a gift card on $10,000 for the user, which hits the magic number — whether it is by downloading an application or a payment for free.

But it is not just the lucky winner there is a premium for – also the 50 next users are rewarded with a gift card at $500 each.

It is a year ago that Apple could celebrate who was downloading 25 billion applications-and has since sold 140 million iOS devices.

There are around 850,000 applications in Apple’s App Store.