Apple-Chief Exhibitor Androids Bad Security on Twitter

Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller has on Twitter exhibited Androids vulnerability, in a new report from F-Secure.

Apple’s Phil Schiller is otherwise not Marketingscehf the most assiduous user of Twitter, and have for the most part kvidret on sports, music and movies.

But the temptation to exhibit Androids security, was nevertheless stands for Schiller, who Thursday wrote an ultra short message on Twitter, and linked to a new report from our site.

A 29-page report, which highlights the salient features of the Android’s poor level of safety compared to other mobile operating systems.

The report highlights that the malware on Android has become significantly worse, because Androids large udbreddelse, openness and, above all, new malware via sms.

Other platforms, such as iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry has also been the target of malware, but here there has typically been a multi-platform attack, writes our site.