Apple Charge against Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google Now for The Rape of Five Patents

We have been time without great news on the legal battles Apple with Samsung and other manufacturers who work in Android. Well, it seems that soon we will witness a new, somewhat smaller to that which held last year that if.

The reason: according to the Cupertino company, both Samsung Galaxy S4 and Google Now violate five patents owned by Apple. Among them, some related to his voice, Siri Assistant. Let’s make a summary of the intellectual properties which, allegedly, are violating.

According to Apple, you can see the request at the end of the post, Samsung and Google have violated a number of related patents with the unified search (Google Now and S-Voice) in addition to the data tapping, or Spanish: when you click on a specific information and commands us to another application.

For now Samsung has not included more manufacturers in your list. For Apple to be noted that in another similar lawsuit, a judge ended up giving them the reason in relation to three of the listed patents. We will see how it evolves and if finally this time or not, end up winning the case.