Angry Birds and Opera Mobile, Best Game and Best 2010 Web Browser on Engadget Mobile

Last day of the year, and with it, come results some of the categories that you set in our particular ranking of the best applications, devices and services in 2010.

On this occasion, focusing on the categories of best game for mobile and best mobile web browser of the year, the winners, according to you, already have name: Angry Birds y Opera Mobile they are chosen.

In the case of Angry Birds, the choice was clear enough. Can not boast of being the most prominent game graphically or the most intense of all the catalog of iTunes Store, Android Market and other platforms, but no doubt everyone who proves it just in love with him by its simplicity and touch casual and fun.

Angry Birds has gone from having a note of game of 8 points to having 9,4. Also have passed have 15 users to have it 40, Although they still want it 27 users. Street Fighter IV, followed him closely in second position.

In the battle of the web browsers, Victor, Opera Mobile (we understand that the version of Android, 10.1) has emerged it victorious, but the struggle has been more hard-fought, since it has lost score with respect to which it had originally.

Opera Mobile departed with a note of departure of 9.3 points and now has 8,9, 20 users had it and now have it 34, and wanted it the same as now, 18 users in total. Closely followed his younger brother Opera Mini, in the second position.

Thank you for your participation, and even having finished the term, We invite you to continue to vote your apps, phones and services preferred in their corresponding product pages.

Of course, also We wish you a happy new year and a prosperous 2011 that would be ideal, between so many desires that touch us the lottery at all, even without playing (other than by not asking).

A hug to all!