Android Takes The Post to Blackberry for The First Time Worldwide

One of the references that the market analysts used to compare sales data from mobile is looking at graphs of access to Internet from mobile phones. It recently was revealed that the figures shown by Samsung on the sale of its Galaxy Tab tablet was not at all certain. Best way that look at the numbers of connections to the network of networks to become an idea.

The study just published StatCounter It refers to that. They say that now in the mobile operating system access Android surpassed in Internet access to mobile phones of the company RIM with its popular BlackBerry terminals.

According to the report by StatCounter, level global Android is 15.2% of cake, compared with 14.5% of RIM. For the first time they have managed to beat one of the companies that a few years ago will distribute the cake with the still unbeatable Nokia, It would have been the first place with 30.7%, followed closely by Apple with 24.6%.

Do not know as they continue to be things for the next pulse, but remember that Nokia, signed an agreement with Microsoft to begin to flag the platform of Windows Phone 7, gradually abandoning its emblematic Symbian. So can this study to present next time, by that party, other data. That is true Android It is an operating system that can adopt other platforms, opposite the exclusivity of Nokia, RIM and Apple with their respective.

The study also casts data as that Internet access through mobile phones is beginning to rival the computers. Global Internet access from mobile phones last year was in a share of 1.72% and, at present, the figure has reached 4.45%.

In United States, reference of the global consumer market, also confirms that access to the Internet from mobile phones was 2.59% from last year to 6.32% currently. Also a report analyses that in that country the sale of mobile phones with Android with current figures of 31.2%, unseated the RIM with a 30.4%. Android 25 months ago was nothing and now He has left behind RIM, Queen of the business market in the United States.

Also in the United States, thanks to the industry is opting for Android as an operating system for its terminals, and that therefore there’s more supply in prices and variety of Mobile Android, data from the last quarter (until the end of January 2011) confirm that currently Android is ahead of RIM and even Apple, with a 31.2%, compared to 30.4% and 24.7% respectively.

They are encouraging data for Google and Android manufacturers. We hope that developers know how to consider these reports and can nurture this application platform, which at the end of the day is important for us users.