Android 4.4: Get Your Smartphone Even Kitkat?

On October 31, 2013 Android premiered 4.4 on the Google nexus 5. With Kit Kat, the developers have increased the number of interfaces on 19, lifted the restriction on five home screens, improved camera app, as well as the security of the system, and made several more optimizations. The new operating system was reserved exclusively for the smart phone for a few days then the manufacturers were asked to distribute the new features to their customers. First Acer and Sony have made happy some Smartphone and Tablet owners, they have delivered updates for a whole range of devices.

Android 4.4 kitkat to 40 per cent of all the devices

Although thats already one and a half years ago, yet not every Smartphone has received an update on the candy bar version. According to current figures (stand: 2 February 2015) 39.7 percent of all Android devices with kitkat run after all. The previous Android jelly bean is installed on more Smartphones: the versions 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3. Make up 44.5 percent overall. And, although a serious security gap in this and all previous versions. Whether is the update for your device, you will learn in the following photo gallery.

Android 4.4: these smartphones and tablets are

Android devices running kitkat

Do these devices

Despite the not particularly heady numbers has improved now clearly the update issue rather than to distribute new versions of the operating system only with new devices like the beginnings of Android , most manufacturers announce at least updates for the relevant units in the last 18 months. Many (former) top models that have received the update on kitkat, the successor version Android 5.0 now runs lollipop. Many beginner and mid-range smartphones of the kitkat time like the Motorola are Moto G (2013) already up to date. But not always empties the promise in one update package. The argument of the manufacturer is then: the Smartphone is eligible for Android 4.4 not.

No Android 4.4: these smartphones and tablets are out

Android devices without kitkat operating system

Update on Android 4.4kitkat: how

You are not sure whether your device is already running kitkat with Android 4.4, you simply check that. To do this, type in the settings on the Menüpünkt over the phone and scroll down to the entry of Android version. The update is not already on your device is installed, although it appears in the list of compatible smartphones and tablets, you need to look if necessary then. In the same menu to the point where you search for system updates make this type. An update is available, download them via an existing Wi-Fi connection and install it then.