“Always Close”: With The Huawei P9 And Paul Ripke Photo Tour In London

On the road with Germany’s new Star photographer: Paul Ripke was with us in the best London appalling weather in the search for the perfect subject for the new Huawei P9. He gave with just a few tips for better photos.

I guess I’m not an isolated case: as Smartphone cameras have been getting better and better, I’ve mothballed my digital SLR pretty quickly. So far, I also thought that I get with the iPhone pretty good results. But honestly: Of image design, I had zero clue. Since the workshop came with Paul Ripke, the Huawei in London organised within the framework of the presentation of the P9, just right.

Background: Rahman is the photographer, who had the good fortune and close the German national team was allowed to accompany the night of their victory against the Argentinians in the final of the football World Cup in Brazil. It was the most successful German Book: one night in Rio.

“What the type at Huawei makes”, some wondering now. Leica is the connection. Even if Rahman is not a brand Ambassador, he sings praises for a long time on his Leica M with his 24 mm lens. With which he shoots, as he himself says, prefer “from the hip”. And he does indeed: the self-taught is fused with his camera in such a way that he accurately measures with an eye, how far the object is located and without to see the sharpness. “So I’ve photographed the person, unless she get something like this. So I’m starting up a natural moment”, said Rahman.

“Thinking Layer”

Leica is partner in the production of the Huawei P9. More precisely: the two cameras in the Huawei P9. I will try how much is know-how of the traditional company in the Smartphone actually, in the coming days to find out. Help make the tips of the 34-year-olds are me determined.

Tip 1: “thinks in levels, if you manage a motif you.” This is: just keep it and capture such a panorama, anyone can and is boring. Why boring? Because the image has only one layer. Multiple levels how do I so? By initially as long been trying, until I got a picture in the box, which shows not only a people, but it has still an object from the immediate vicinity in the blur in the foreground and that places the photo in the background. Not so easy at all! Only pseudo professional botch with blurred scaffoldings and photos with the wrong focal points emerged on the first photos of the London River Thames. But with a little practice refers to the principle of composition. And that can also mean that it is for a good perspective on the ground.

“Answering Close”

Tip 2: use the expert mode! In any case, it needs a lot more practice when manually aligning of the camera settings in the Huawei P9 where aperture, ISO, shutter speed… have set. “I personally shoot almost everything with ISO 640”, so Rahman. A camera set, which is priced at around 10,000 euros, should have no problems. But a Smartphone? On the day of the workshop, London typically presented in the best manner of grubby weather: rain, fog, thick cloud, all gray in gray. So, the photos were quite presentable.

The most important tip is but simple: “close answering two meters or closer”. What is considered a professional camera with fixed focal length, is also for a Smartphone camera correctly. “You were so close your counterpart in a conversation”, explains the celebrity photographer. “The moment is intimate, you take on a relationship to the object. You can tell in the picture.”

For those of you who like to work with filters for Instagram and co., the photographer has also still a tip ready: “If you’re in a new city, shoots images only once all day and you want to share what pictures really and what filters you want to provide them selects only in the evening,.” The result is better in any case, Rahman. Because if you are too early sets on a filter, restricting to his opinion in the figure.