Acer Iconia 8W: Cheap Windows Tablet in the Test

Test conclusion: what you should know

A precious tablet is the Acer 8W now really don’t. On the other hand, it is only 139 euros and it’s clearly a good tablet with high working speeds and a neat display. On top of that there are to Office 365 for one year free. Best price on the Internet: 199,99 EUR * per order this product at Amazon high pace of work neat image playback memory expandable Office 365 a year free counter some short battery life display right dark moderate cameras, no HDMI port comparatively high weight test note of the editorial 2.33 good users rating now write a small of Windows tablets are not very high in demand. In addition to free Windows licenses and cheap Intel processors, also drastically reduced prices to stimulate demand. There are tablets as the new Acer 8W 139 euros were half a year ago to have such 8-inch tablets rarely under 300 euro. Is the 8W thus an attractive bargain? The test shows all strengths and weaknesses.

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8-inch, 140 euro, Windows 8.1: the total package of the new Acer Iconia 8W sounds good. But what does it really? The test provides answers. Acer Iconia tab 8W: Tablet for 139 euros in the test

Not easily, but handy

Externally, the Acer is really chic. The Tablet is perfectly processed and is thanks to the slightly structured back comfortably and securely in your hand. But it’s compared to tablets like the Sony Tablet Z3 compact (268 grams) with stately 407 grams right hard.

Screen okay

The 8-inch (20.3 cm diagonal) display shows Office, games and movies only with 1280 x 800 pixels, higher resolution is not useful for Windows tablets of this size but because the icons on the desktop were then puny. For the operation on the touch screen, the user would need a magnifying glass and a pointed finger. Image playback in the test but also with the low resolution was quite sharp and on top of that contrast.

Acer Iconia 8W: product and detail photos

High speed thanks to fewer pixels

The low resolution has another advantage, because processor and graphics chip need to calculate not so many pixels. How positively that affects the pace of work, the test showed: the 8W graduated from almost all tests at consistently high speeds, and that despite a with 1 gigabyte very scanty memory.

Cameras moderately, battery well

Lean is also the built-in memory for programs, photographs and videos are only available as it will quickly narrow 21.8 gigabytes. But the memory can be expanded easily to 64 gigabytes microsd card thanks to card slot. Less beautiful: Neither front (2 megapixel) still back camera (5 megapixel) convinced the test, photos and videos was very spongy. On top of that, the stamina is at best satisfactory: already after 10 hours and 49 minutes the steam went out of the battery.