About DukaPC

An easy-to-use computer that helps you take advantage of the Internet’s many opportunities.

dukaPC is an easy-to-use computer that helps you take advantage of the Internet’s many opportunities-even if you’ve never touched a computer before and not interest you for the technique.

DukaPC is an easy-to-use computer for pc novices. It helps the user to become familiar with a pc and enjoy the many options, the Internet opens up.

Everything takes place on the Danish and of dukaPC-customer service, help is right at your fingertips. Get help with everything from writing an e-mail and go on online banking to become digital citizens. With older people in the family have now dukaPC opportunity to be self propelled pc users.

DukaPC is simple with many options to meet all your interests ranging from entertainment and news to communicate with children and grandchildren, the Bank and the public, etc. With a dukaPC, you get:

  • Subscription service
  • Extreme ease of use
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Warranty extension
  • Easy and simple access to Facebook, online banking, email, tv guide, etc.
  • 3 months. free subscription if you are a member of the Older case
  • Attractive financing model-pay over 20 months without pay neither interest, fees or payment

Peace of mind, security and ease of use

The idea behind dukaPC is to make it easy for you to buy, use and own a computer. All the difficult takes dukaPC. dukaPC comes ready for use. This means that you, as a new computer user is started quickly and get a good experience.

dukaPC sits ready to help you – and you are always welcome to call our customer service, providing you with advice and guidance. If you want it, customer service can also “take over” the screen and show the way. We also like to help with creating a digital mailbox to you so that you will be a part of the digital society.

All updates and maintenance of your virus scanner and computer programs is automatic. dukaPC shall ensure that safety is always at the top and that you don’t get greeted with a lot of technical questions.

Service subscription

dukaPC is sold only in conjunction with a service subscription. The subscription is paid quarterly in advance, the Bill comes from dukaPC. You must select one of the following subscriptions:

Service subscription without internet 150 DKK per month

dukaPC service subscription includes, among other things. continuous update of computer programs, warranty extension and free access to phone-based help.

Service subscription with internet 249 € per month

Includes service subscription plus mobile broadband. The Internet connection has an expected rate of 2-15/0.5-1 Mbit/s. Outside 3 g coverage will be experienced a lower speed. 20 GB of usage per month.

If you wish to terminate your subscription service, so you will no longer have access to your e-mail address and the other benefits of the subscription. Warranty extension shall come to an end, and it can not be bought again later. The subscription has no minimum contract period and may be terminated from day to day.