A Week Full of Novelties in Xatakamovil

As every week which ends, from Xatakamovil we like do a review by categories and platforms with the main novelties in the world, this week has been quite full of news for each platform, as evidenced by the following summary. We emphasize the presentation of “social” phones from Microsoft, complete and affordable Nokia phones, promising numbers presented by Sony Ericsson, and the excellent Android health:

Nokia commitment to affordable terminals

In the Finnish company have opted to get affordable, complete and terminals with QWERTY keyboard, before the arrival of Symbian ^ 3 *, three phones presented this week are: Nokia C6, C3 and E5. I believe that in this range of prices and possibilities is where better can move S60.

On the other hand noted perceptible improvement in the Ovi Store, with 1.6 million daily discharged, but still far from the numbers of Android and Apple stores. We also had the opportunity to see the first images of the Meego interface.

Apple, now for iPhone 4 G

Once presented iPhone OS 4.0 and iPad, it seems that he touches is heat engines with the new iPhone model, There is already talk of 22 June as a possible date of presentation, and in today we woke up with a few images that could belong to a prototype of the phone.

Found us unexpected approval of Opera by Apple, but I think that the company will have surprised them the success of the application, with more than 1 million downloads in the first day.

Android, hogging news

And although filed important devices by competition, remove bulbs Google’s operating system, enjoying an enviable health status, improving their data fragmentation, and surpassing the 38,000 applications in Android Market.

Looking to the future, we know that HTC It has scheduled the incorporation of Surround 5.1 sound and recording FullHD to their terminals, will be in 2011 and will use the aid of Yamaha. Possibly not all terminals will be Android, but I’m sure that if most.

A major upgrade is rumored for Nexus One, and we also inform you that Twitter is developing an official application from your service.

Palm, sticking tail

The situation of the company, despite its good image and quality of the products, is worrying, so much that it is already on sale. They are not going to Miss groom, and have been linked with some of the leading manufacturers, but it seems that as loud sounds from China.

BlackBerry is quite clear

So leave it us see its CEO Mike Lazaridis, who believes that the phone of the future will have to combine touch screen and QWERTY keyboard, that chance that they are preparing one. Neither view very clear the market of tablets. We also showed the first images of the BlackBerry Pearl 9105.

Microsoft committed to the social phone with Kin

Two phones and the same idea, bring social networking and communication messaging to users, on the basis of Windows Phone 7. So that you enterarais you the first, we did the coverage of the presentation of the phones on twitter.

If you are curious about the devices, I leave you with the links to them: Kin One and Kin Two.

Sony Ericsson, coming out of the tunnel

Another company that has sat well the arrival of Android, In addition to bet on high-end terminals, and is the first quarterly results this year have reported benefits after more than two years without making it.

Step seems to not forget the family Walkman phone, and feature two new terminals, Zylo and Spiro.


The week around operators has been more slope to the iPad, that own cellphones to us we want to report due to the existence of 3 G versions, that three major operators will give support and rates.

From Vodafone comes a new plan information connects voice and Internet.

Other news

We inform you as the leading firms in consumer electronics, such as Samsung, Toshiba, Sony and Nokia, are working on a standard output of high definition for portable devices, it seems that they do not have enough with the mini HDMI. This new development will have power in the cable itself.

There is no week that does not talk about Flash, and is that Adobe has announced that the development of 10.1 is delayed for webOS, BlackBerry, and Android platforms placing us to fall for his departure.

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