A New Wave of Fake Reviews Hits Play Store, Google Already Works to Eliminate Them

The valuations of other users are very practical when we decide for a product, including applications downloaded on our phones. However, are not an infallible Guide, especially when it comes from reviews false as the have started to reach the Play Store in the last days.

Google takes a while fighting against the false reviews and last October they announced new measures to avoid this problem. However, although there have been improvements in efficiency when it comes to detecting and eliminating this type of spam, yet they are far from eradicating it. The good news is that Google is aware and continues to work on improving this point.

A problem difficult to eradicate

False reviews in the Play Store applications. Source: Android Police

In recent months, Google has been working to avoid fraudulent practices in its app store, including spam facilities and of course the mentioned false reviews. However, as mentioned in Android Police, in recent weeks There has been a rebound in valuations of dubious origin.

The objective of this latest ‘attack’ have been pretty popular applications, curiously coming from the own Google most. Detecting some of these false reviews is quite simple since they tend to be users without name and profile picture, always have five stars and reviews often make reference to issues that have nothing to do with the application in question. An example are the many estimations talking about games of bingo or Poker found in apps such as Hangouts, Chrome or Gmail.

Dubious reviews in the Spanish Play Store

We wanted to see first-hand that indeed there has been an upturn in this kind of valuations and we reviewed the valuations of some of these apps. The volume of fake reviews is not so high to access the Play Store from Spain, but that we could find some resulting a much suspected.

As mentioned, many of these false reviews come from users without name and profile picture, but in many cases it is difficult to distinguish them since they are appraisals that are reduced to “Very good” or “In accordance”. If we are clear that it is false is that says “Five Stars Fun game” and have found in Hangouts.

In response to Android Police, Google has assured that “we are aware of the latest spam in Google Play reviews and we have already taken steps to eliminate them. We are constantly improving our system to identify and eliminate false valuations”. It seems that in Google this problem are being taken seriously, but we insist that It will not be easy to avoid it completely.