1Click Imageextractor Ready with iPad Application

ESPN Search rates on the mobile platform and is the first Danish bilsite who are ready with an iPad application.

Back at the end of January we wrote that ESPN search was underway with the development of an application for the iPad. At the time, was the announcement that they are expected to be ready with application for Easter, which is celebrated for the trade in cars, but the development has gone more quickly than expected and you can already download the application to your iPad.

-“We can see that the Danes in the much gone over for mobile and tablet devices, when they are on the Web, and it’s no exception when they’re looking after the car. In just one year, we have seen an increase in traffic, ESPN Search coming from your phone on all 122%, while traffic has increased by 63%, from tablets. Precisely for this reason, we attach our forces in making BilBasen as mobile as possible, “says Morten Heuing, Managing Director of ESPN Search and Bilinfo.

iPad application is heavily inspired by BilBasens application for iPhone, but just adapted to the possibilities of the tablet format provides.

Traffic moved to mobile devices

49 percent of the BilBasens total traffic comes from mobile devices, therefore rates BilBasen also much on the mobile platforms – and is now also available for the most used platforms in Denmark.

-“It is about being there, where the users are. In 2012 alone, we could see a growing interest in being on ESPN Search via mobile phones and from tablets with traffic increases at 93% and 59% in that order. With last year’s launches new mobile apps for Android, iPhone and Windows 8, it is only natural that we should now put our effort into getting BilBasen adapted tablets, “told Morten Heuing back in January.

-“As bilsite in Denmark, it is not enough to have a large selection of cars. You will also need to be available from the platforms, as the Danes are actually using. That’s why we’ve invested so heavily in the mobile development, and we continue with it, “States Morten Heuing in a press release.

You can download BilBasen for iPad free in Apple’s App Store.